Inspired by the dashboards of real race cars, we have created this dash to take advantage of the small size of our Mini-Mite direct-drive force-feedback steering system. The unique 2-tier design adds flair while keeping with the motorsport style. This dash panel offers up to 32 functions including the brake bias valve knob which incorporates a proprietary friction clutch to simulate the drag of a real bias valve. Our button boxes allow you to map various functions in the game to any button, switch or knob on the panel. From the in-game controllers configuration screen you simply select the function you want to map, such as engine start for example, and then move the button, switch or knob you want to set it to and viola, that button now starts the engine. Three-Way Toggle Switches Real race cars commonly have toggle switches for many functions and this dashboard is no different. By having four three-way toggle switches you can map various functions more intuitively. The toggles have been positioned to be within reach of the driver's fingers and being intuitive to use. Tactile Push Buttons Push buttons are the easiest types of buttons to use and can be mapped to functions you use often. The buttons have a perceivable amount of travel so even activating them with gloves is easy. As with all buttons and switches used in the construction of the button panel, these buttons are easy to find by feeling your way around them. Rotary Dials Encoder dials make it easy to quickly roll settings up and down with minimal effort. The dashboard feature two rotary encoders in addition to a larger rotary switch with twelve distinct positions suitable for selecting black boxes or pit strategies. Brake Bias Knob Real race cars use large adjustment knobs to change the brake bias. Whether the knob adjusts a pivot point on the brake pedal or a valve in the hydraulic line, it requires some effort and several turns to adjust. Our unique bias knob has a friction clutch of our own design that replicates the feeling of turning a mechanical adjustment, just like the real thing. In addition, brake bias adjustments typically require several turns of the knob to reduce sensitivity and help the driver make fine adjustments. The knob on this switch panel is no different. We allow the user to electronically adjust the sensitivity of the knob so one increment of brake bias can require as little as just a nudge on the knob or as much as a full turn, and several settings in between. The choice is yours. Spaced for Labels The dashboard has been designed with labeling in mind. The buttons and switches are spaced to provide plenty of space for labels, whether you create your own or use our pre-printed labels. The dash includes 154 pre-printed labels that make for a professional appearance to the dashboard. Perfect Mounting We have designed the dashboard panel to take advantage of the small size of the Mini-Mite motor. The dashboard fits nearly flush to the front of the direct-drive motor by incorporating a recessed area on the back to nest the motor into. The dashboard mounts securely to the Mini-Mite and includes a USB cable to get it up and running. A steering wheel quick release or a steering wheel spacer may be required with some steering wheels to provide additional clearance for paddle shifters.
Features Capable of up to 32 game functions 4 Two-Way Toggle Switches 6 Push Button Switches 2 Dial Encoders 1 Brake Bias Knob Encoder Buttons can be mapped to any game function Pre-Printed Labels Included