DESCRIPTION For the hydraulic brake pedal we use genuine AP master cylinders for the brake and our own unique ‘brake caliper’ design that allows many different configurations. On our design you can adjust the exact shape of the force curve from linear to a exponential curve and everything in-between. You can also adjust the amount of free travel which simulates knock off in the real car. All of this is felt through the hydraulic system and gives you the best feeling possible of what the car is doing beneath you. The pedal itself is extremely strong and will take in excess of 200kg of force on the foot plate and the pressure sensor will also not go out of range so you never get the annoying problem of the pressure reaching 100% and saturating the signal when you want to brake harder. pro-sim-pedals-AP With the throttle pedal we provide 3 different levels of force that is adjustable by moving the gas spring to a different pivot point. We use a gas spring that has a constant force as we have found this to provide the best feel at part throttle when you want to feed in the power and really get a feeling of how much throttle is applied. With a normal spring like a real car we found a lot of drivers would hover on the throttle up to 10% and this then locks the differential and pushes the car into an understeer which is not felt as getting on the throttle. With the gas spring you know exactly when you get on the throttle and the feel is far superior and was very noticeable with the Pro drivers at our HQ. pro-sim-pedals-closeup For the Evo pro pedals we CNC machine all the items and mount both the throttle and brake on high quality SKF bearings to ensure smooth operation and prolonged life. We also finish the pedal support in Satin Chrome for the highest possible wear resistance and colour protection for many many years to come, the pedals themselves are also anodized black. The pedals are all modular and via three M6 clearance holes can be mounted where you require this allows you to achieve the perfect spacing between the pedals. We go one step further on our home sim range by slotting the plate so that the pedal spacing can be changed quickly and easily.
The ultimate simulator pedals. Pro-Sim Evo Pedals has been completely engineered from the ground up starting out with a blank piece of paper to ensure we made the best set of simulator pedals currently available anywhere. We supply these with every of our professional range of simulators and also they are used on our flagship simulator at Gatwick HQ where Pro drivers from all over the world come to train up to and including F1.