Motion Box Pro

380,00€ – 815,00€

2.399,00€ – 4.899,00€

Additional information
Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 280 × 220 × 80 mm
Number of Actuators
150W – 250W
AC 220v 0,7A 50/60hz
3 x Comm SCN6: RS485, 3 x Power Supply SCN6: 24V 3A
Emergency Stop
Mushroom head, twist to reset, push button
PC Communication
USB 3.0

Our Motion Bundle offers all the necessary materials for the automation of your cockpit at the same guarding the maximum quality and requirements in all its components.
Although valid for all users and profiles it is perfect for those who would like to experience one step further into simulation. It is designed to work with our control software and ensures optimum performance, hence smooth running of the whole system.
The bundle contains
SCN6 actuators (20/40kgf) (100/150mm)
Motion Box Pro 2/3/4dof
Emergency STOP button
SCN6 Actuators cover
Nuts and Bolts Kit
Software Lince 2.0 Motion Version

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Additional information
Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 600 × 400 × 300 mm
System type
2dof, 3dof, 4dof
Kgf (Thrust)
20kgf, 40kgf
Actuators length
100mm, 150mm
Actuators cover color
Red, Black
Supported Effects
Speed, Acceleration, Lenght, Max G’s, Deviation G´s, Acceleration G’s, Bracking G’s, Laterals G’s, Verticals G’s, Pitch G’s, Roll G’s, Yaw G’s, Softness
Simulators supported
[iRacing] iRacing
[Kunos simulazione] Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione
[WMD] pCars, pCars2
[ISI] RFactor 1, RFactor 2
[Reiza Studios] Game Stock Car, Automobilista
[SimBin] GTR, GTR2, GT Legends, Race, Race07 + Expansion Pack, RaceRoom
[Codemasters] F1 Series, Dirt Series, GRID Series
[Ubisoft] The Crew
[Piboso] Kart Racing Pro
[LFS] Life for Speed
[SCSI] Richards Burns Rally
[SCS Software] EuroTruck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator
[Laminar Research] XPlane series
[Microsoft] Flight Simulator Series
[Lockhedd Martin] Prepar 3D
[Disgital Combat Simulator] DCS World
[Benchmark Sims, Billion Soft, Microprose] Falcon 4 BMS
[1C Company] IL2 Cliff of Dover
* Our software is under continuous development; if your simulation software is not in the above list, keep visiting our support forums to check if it will be supported in the next Lince release.

With MOTION BOX PRO it is easy and simple to make the actuators work instantly.
It is made to last and with a prepared power supply to cover the most intense and demanding usage. It will maintain its performance even in highly demanding competitions, such as 24h Iracing resistance.
With up to 250W of power, the power supply of our Motion Box Pro offers the resistance and reliability required for your actuators.
Connection USB 3.0
By one USB cable and from 1 to 4 actuators in parallel, performance is increased a 100% with the Motion Box Pro.
High resolution
Usual actuators working frenquence is between 50-60Hz. With the Motion Box Pro they will work between 100-120Hz. You will feel each millimetre of the race track.
Emergency Stop
Your safety is the most important thing. All the models of Motion Box are provided with an emergency STOP button.

Attention: Deliver in 15 days

Configuration logiciel Lince2

SCN6 Motion Bundle