300mm Diameter

Injection Moulded Polyurethane Grips

5 Rotary Dial Controls

12 High Quality Push-Buttons

2 Toggle Switches

PSE Magnetic Gear-Shifters with Carbon Fibre Paddles.

Fits any 50.8mm Quick Release (Quick release not included)

Replaceable Industrial-Grade Coiled USB Cable.

The LM-Pro wheel connects to a PC or Mac via its own dedicated USB input. Not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox

Please note before ordering: There is a lead-time of 4 weeks for delivery.

Compatible with Sim Steering, OSW and Accuforce Force Feedback systems only.

A 300mm Endurance Racing Wheel designed for LMP and GTE Machinery.

LM-Pro Steering Wheel

Our wheels are hand-built to order in the United Kingdom